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Achieve more with a completely rebuilt webinar room

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New Dashboard

This is where you have access to the key webinar features:

  • Enabling the whiteboard, screen sharing, YouTube, question mode and surveys, and easily switching between them
  • Starting the event and changing the webinar modes (presenters only, discussion)

Floating video pod

Unpin your video pod and pin it in your preferred location for a better focus. Available both for hosts and attendees!

Fully responsive room layout

If your screen size is small, the sidebar menu hides automatically or can be hidden manually to save screen space and for a better focus. Available also for your attendees!

Redesigned UI of the chat

Quick and easy access to all chat settings

Redesigned UI of the attendee list

Quick and easy access to the attendee list settings

Important actions notifications

Customized alerts are displayed for the presenter and each attendee

New My info section

Access to the event essentials and shared files for presenter, and event essentials for the attendee

Question mode

Add selected chat messages to the question list to be answered later in the event. When the time is right, publish the question in the main window to focus your attendees attention while you answer them.

Recording layout

Now you can choose from various room layouts for your webinar recording, depending on what you want to focus on. Plus, you can freely change these layouts while the recording is on. Record it your way!

Explore all possibilities of new webinar room!

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Switch to the new version

Switch to the new webinar room for all your new events using the bar on the top of the page.


Create new events

Create a new event using Schedule or Ad-hoc event buttons in your account panel.

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