Engage, interact, get instant feedback

Get the most compact webinar software for your needs. ClickMeeting is here to help you organize, automatize and run a live webinar. No matter if it is a training, product demo, sales event or onboarding – ClickMeeting presents to you all the tools you need in one place.

Why ClickMeeting?

Custom webinar broadcasting room
Custom waiting room and reminders
Live streaming on YT and FB
Screen, video and files sharing
Chat and Q&A session
Up to 8 webinar streams
Unlimited landing pages

Why broadcast a live webinar?

A live webinar has several opportunities for lead generation and nurturing. Gather your audience in real-time and confront your product or idea.

Share your knowledge
with a live presentation, files and video sharing. Attract people to your idea or product.

Engage with the audience
by enabling comments and live discussion on a chat. Interact with your attendees to involve them with your message even more.

Collect data
with live surveys and use it for the verification of your idea afterwards.

Get instant feedback
by running a Q&A session. Let people discuss your topic in real-time.

Why ClickMeeting is all you need?

Put the finishing touches on your event. These tools will help you schedule, promote and automate your live webinar. All this in a customized, branded setting.

Enable registration when scheduling your webinar so you can collect valuable information about your registrants. Go for basics like name and email or get more details such as industry or job title. Export the list of registrants to your CRM to make the most of this lead gen opportunity.

Set up custom reminders and encourage actual attendance to your live webinar event. Make sure these reminders have the necessary details of the event, such as links and agenda.

Schedule automated events like follow up emails. Add files, a presentation or a webinar recording for those who missed your webinar. Set up custom invitations to your next event and send them automatically.

What’s on top of that?

Do not limit yourself. ClickMeeting goes beyond the industry standard of 2 webinar streams. Use up to 8 streams during your event and make your event more interactive.
Make your webinar look professional with our customization options. Brand your registration form, waiting room and email communication. Add a custom CTA with a logo and URL of choice.
Go beyond standard 3 authentication methods. Use a predefined, unique token generated for each of your registrants or lock your webinar room to unwanted guests once everyone is inside.

Engage, interact, get instant feedback