Gather feedback and engage attendees

Engage your audience and gather feedback via polls, surveys, Q&A sessions, and event feedback upon the conclusion of the event. Learn the audience’s opinions and reactions to improve your content and performance.

Our polls, surveys and Q&A sessions are perfect ways to activate your audience and gather valuable data

Energize your audience with a Q&A session where you can ask important questions live.
Make your event more engaging and fun.
Run a poll on important topics and share the data live with your audience.
Analyze the data from your polls and surveys to make conscious business decisions.
Always add the event feedback option so you can gather opinions about your performance and improve your future conferences.

With polls and surveys, you can:

  • Run an unlimited number of polls or tests on any topic to get valuable data from your audience.
  • Be flexible and create single-choice, multiple-choice, and open questions for in-depth knowledge.
  • Assign points to answers to turn your polls into classroom-like tests.
  • Display and share results in real-time or save them for later to utilize in future events or share the results with attendees via email.

Running Q&A sessions is perfect to:

  • Engage people in real-time with questions popping up on the screen that are visible to everyone.
  • Moderate the session by choosing the most interesting topics to be displayed.
  • Solve important topics during a business meeting or a class.

Why should you use the event feedback option?

It’s an easy and fast way to understand how you performed during your event.
It’s engaging for attendees by allowing them to rate your event and leave comments.
You can find it in your event statistics, so nothing ever disappears from your dashboard.

Get insights into your audience’s needs, wants, and opinions.

Listen to them and use the feedback to improve your events and make conscious decisions.