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Inspire, teach, sell and collaborate online. Connect with your colleagues, students and customers using video conferencing and webinars. Get everything you need at ClickMeeting.

Easy-to-join scallable events

From interactive video calls for your closest associates to huge events for thousands of participants worldwide. To host or join your video conference all you and your audience need is an internet connection and an up-to-date browser. Or you can always use mobile devices. The choice is yours!

Business video meetings & collaboration

Speed up your projects and make them more efficient by taking them online. Meet your team members, business partners, customers, and freelancers scattered all over the globe. Get together and collaborate in one video conferencing room. Discuss, show slides, and share your screen with others.

Online courses & training sessions

Reach your students and trainees wherever they are, using video conferencing software. Share your expertise and walk your audience through even the most complex topics. Display your educational materials, sketch on the whiteboard, use polls for tests and exams, ensuring full audio and video support. Teach and train your audience. Monetize your expertise.

Product demos & marketing

Deliver knowledge relevant to your target audience. Explain why your product is a match with your customers’ needs. Showcase how it works step-by-step. Generate more leads with On-Demand and Automated Webinars, follow them up with more advanced and unique content. Make them click your final Call-To-Action button during a live webinar.

Huge online events

Save your time, money, and resources and go entirely online with your huge conference. Forget about renting venues and booking flights. Gather dozens of presenters and thousands of attendees in one virtual conference room. Get your message across to your leads, customers, students, or employees located all over the world.

Why is ClickMeeting the perfect video conferencing software?

Everything you need for your video conferences. Presentation mode, virtual whiteboard, screen sharing, moderated chat, file transfer. Get the most out of your video conferencing. Run your meetings and lectures with ease and keep your users engaged.
Easy to host, easy to join. ClickMeeting is easy as child's play. Effortlessly organize your video conferences and webinars leveraging advanced features. Your audience will join in with just a few clicks. They don't need anything except an Internet connection and an up-to-date browser.
Edu Mode. Sometimes video conferencing can be a bit tiring. Especially if you teach your students, and they don't want to share their image with others. In this case, you can use Edu Mode: you will see all the participants and they will see only you! Learn more here.
We care for your safety. As a European company, we are required to comply with GDPR regulations. This is an important commitment. The security of our customers' data is key. Advanced methods for securing your video conferencing are at your disposal.
Breakout rooms. Divide your events into smaller breakout rooms. In each, up to 40 people can comfortably interact with interactive features & full audio and video support. Video meeting on a specific topic during a lecture or large conference? It's easy! Learn more here.
Conference rooms branding. The design of your meetings and webinars matters. With ClickMeeting, you get advanced customization options so you can create a space that looks attractive and professional. Your meetings, courses, and webinars can be adapted to fit your brand.

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„We use ClickMeeting for all kinds of online meetings, from 1:1 sales meetings via intensive and interactive masterclasses around explainer videos with 15-25 participants up to webinars with 150+ participants from 75+ countries.”

Martin Nitsche, Solveta GmbH

„The most important reason I’d recommend ClickMeeting, apart from the obvious benefits of platform reliability/stability, is the fact that these people care! I rarely get to work with a partner who goes far and beyond what was agreed upon and personally cares about your success."

Tom Schenk, IT Director – American Camp Association

„We recommend ClickMeeting! It offers everything that other online meeting platforms do, but its unique value is its customer-centric approach. There is no other place that pays so much attention to the needs and unique circumstances of the business in which the company operates."

Michał Kuliś, content marketer at SMSAPI

„Through our digital events, we were able to gain more reach and generate many new contacts and leads in 2021. We were also able to transfer our panel discussions very well into the digital space with the help of ClickMeeting."

Melanie Abmeier, August-Wilhelm Scheer Institut

What do you need to know to start your video conferencing?

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