Our Mission & Vision

ClickMeeting was founded in 2011 by GetResponse, the leading email marketing platform. The idea was to provide a complete webinar solution for businesses, large and small. Over the next five years, ClickMeeting grew so much that, in 2016, it spun off as a separate company.

Our mission is to be the premier provider of flexible, self-service webinar solutions that help you reach, engage, educate, and convert your audience. ClickMeeting is rich in features that help you before, during, and after your webinar.

Our People & Culture

ClickMeeting is developed and managed by a growing group of talented and, yes, really cool people. We believe in a healthy work-life balance.

We work hard but, at the same time, keep sane work hours so we can pursue our passions outside of the office.

  • Simon Grabowski

    Founder & CEO
  • Dominika

    Managing Director
  • Bartłomiej

    IT Director
  • Dawid

    IT Team Manager
  • Agnieszka

    Brand & Communication Director
  • Magdalena

    Chief Accountant

    In my daily work, I try to defy the stereotype of a boring, gray and shy accountant wearing glasses. In the meantime, I keep ClickMeeting finances and taxes in order.

  • Paweł

    R&D Expert
  • Paweł

    Senior Graphic Designer
  • Karolina

    Legal Department Manager

    Some people claim that the best ideas keep crashing against the door of the Legal Department room.
    At ClickMeeting I try to fit the craziest ideas within the reasonable framework.

  • Małgorzata

    Sales Account Team Supervisor
  • Piotr

    Senior Software Developer
  • Daria

    Customer Success Team Supervisor
  • Maja

    Customer Success Team Manager

    I dreamed of being a female football player. Now I'm the captain of the best team in the world – ClickMeeting Success Team.

  • Wojciech

    R&D Coordinator
  • Vitali

    Business Development Executive

    I make sure that our Enterprise clients are not left alone in the vastness of the platform. Professional and efficient. I listen to Slayer religiously.

  • Dominik

    Video Editor
  • Bartosz

    Customer Success Technical Advisor

    By day I help you with all your questions and by night I save the galaxy from invaders or try to rescue a princess who is always in another castle :)

  • Andrzej

    Performance Marketing Manager

    A man in a white hat – a modern, ethical SEO enthusiast. Strongly encourages automation and AI in business. Spends his spare moments in a beautiful place out in the country.

  • Łukasz

    IT Team Leader
  • Justyna

    Independent Accountant

    At ClickMeeting I keep numbers and papers under control. As "guardian
    of numbers", I ensure they go straight
    to the relevant boxes and produce
    a measurable picture of the enterprise.

  • Tomasz

    Brand Manager

    I am really into communication through electronic channels.
    I observe how they impact human beings, society, and culture. I work for ClickMeeting because it’s giving me
    a view from an insider's perspective.

  • Maryna

    Quality Assurance Specialist

    Always supportive (as the Support Team should be), keeping my fingers on the pulse at all times.

  • Łukasz

    Customer Success Technical Advisor

    I'm on the night shift to help those who get lost while exploring our platform. Night gathers, and now my watch over ClickMeeting begins.

  • Szymon

    Front-end Developer
  • Ewelina

    Junior Accountant
  • Rajmund

    Product Owner
  • Paula

    Billing Advisor

    I make sure the numbers add up :)

  • Angelika

    Localization Specialist
  • Radosław

    Business Development Team Supervisor
  • Sandra

    HR Business Partner
  • Bartłomiej

    Software Developer
  • Piotr

    System Administrator - Team Leader
  • Michał

    Software Developer
  • Michał

    Account Manager

    I support our Enterprise Clients in their daily use of the platform as much as Juventus Football Club in their games. Sometimes it is really difficult to assess what gives me more pleasure :)

  • Szymon

    JavaScript Developer
  • Martyna

    Administration Specialist
  • Bartłomiej

    Senior JavaScript Developer
  • Agata

    Senior UX Designer
  • Natalia

    In-house Lawyer
  • Daniel

    Junior Application Tester
  • Grzegorz

    Junior Software Developer
  • Nikita

    Customer Success Advisor

    I am happy to assist and educate our customers on this or that issue. I will make sure to keep you up to date.

  • Grzegorz

    Front-end Developer
  • Barbara

    Customer Success Advisor
  • Leszek

    Senior Software Developer - Tech Leader
  • Kamil

    PPC Specialist
  • Jakub

    Senior Content Marketing Specialist
  • Natalia

    Junior JavaScript Developer
  • Anna

    In-house Lawyer
  • Natalia

    Account Manager

    I like to bake cakes, but I like people even more. That’s why I became an Account Manager - I support my clients in the daily use of ClickMeeting (and provide my team with home-baked goodies).

  • Mateusz

    Helpdesk Specialist
  • Wojciech

    System Administrator
  • Monika

    Customer Success Advisor
  • Łukasz

    Telecommunication Projects Coordinator
  • Sylwia

    Application Tester
  • Adam

    Graphic Designer
  • Wojciech

    Junior Application Tester
  • Mateusz

    Junior SEO/ SEM Specialist
  • Aneta

    eCommerce Expert
  • Krzysztof

    Senior Software Developer
  • Małgorzata

    Customer Success Advisor

    Z uśmiechem wspieram i pomagam ogarniać webinary

ClickMeeting Team by the numbers

The average age of our team members is 32.

We drink around 90 cups of coffee a day.

Over 50% of our male colleagues have beards.

Our average software developer writes 500 lines of code a day.

We also drink around 170 liters of fruit and veggie juice each month.

Our average bike commuter covers 130 km a month.