Screen sharing, Presentation, Whiteboard

Get your message across in the best possible form

Present and engage during your online events and use the in-room features to share content with your audience in many ways! Choose the Screen sharing option and display your screen, the Presentation tool to visualize your speech or Whiteboard to share ideas in a creative way.


Present. Don’t just tell.
Use visual content to increase the effectiveness of your events. Support your words with content in any format. Thanks to the Presentation tool, you can display any pre-uploaded file you need to all your attendees.

Add power to your communication with content in any format.
The presentation tool allows you to engage your audience with content displayed with your spoken presentation. Show documents as slides that support your words and help get your message across.

With the presentation tool, you can:

Illustrate and educate - train customers or your coworkers efficiently.
Present documents, websites, or projects you’re working on to your colleague.
Guide your audience through documents and keep everyone on the same page during business meetings, live webinars, and workshops you conduct.
Share content in any format: PowerPoint, Excel, Keynote, Numbers, Pages, etc., and let attendees download it.
Draw and make notes on presentation content to emphasize key points.
Split attendees into breakout rooms and let each group collaborate on a given topic. All group members will be able to draw and make notes on the shared file.


Use the whiteboard to make your events more engaging for your audience.
The whiteboard enables you to present effectively and collaborate creatively with your event attendees. Use text boxes, shapes, drawing tools, and an eraser to illustrate your ideas and enrich your content.

With the whiteboard, you can:

Educate your audience through illustration and engagement.
Collaborate with up to 25 attendees by drawing together at the same time.
Ask your students to solve exercises on the whiteboard so everyone can follow the process.
Use a handy set of tools: text boxes, shapes, drawing tools, eraser, and share ideas with your team.
Use up to 10 pages and download your work for distribution or future reference.

Screen sharing

Share the screen and collaborate during your event
Present what is happening on your computer in real-time. Share screen and let your attendees watch your desktop, just as if it were a live meeting in an office, school lesson, or workshop.

Screen sharing allows remote attendees to view your computer desktop. You can share your entire screen, an application window or a selected browser tab to show your audience a computer process, video, or demo of a new product.

With screen sharing, you can:

Guide your co-workers through documents, websites, or projects you’re working on.
Demonstrate processes on running programs (Excel, Numbers, Photoshop, etc.).
Ask your students to share their screen and view the results of their work.
Consult and solve problems your attendees see on their screens.
Share audio in addition to sharing the screen itself (feature available after short set up).

Try Screen sharing, Presentation, and Whiteboard tools to conduct even more interesting and engaging events.

Make full use of the tools available in the event room and share valuable content with your audience.