Automated webinars

No time to schedule and run live webinars?

Running live webinars is exciting but it can also be a challenge. To host events on a big scale, you need to have time and some help. How to do it quick and easy? With automated webinars!

Automated webinars are your dream tool if you want to:

Automate your lead generation and focus on deal closing.
Automate your online courses and focus on interacting with students.
Automate onboarding and training sessions of your employees and save your time.
Automate your town-hall meetings and keep all your staff up-to-date.

Why automated webinars in ClickMeeting are good for you?

You can use them again and again.
They can be viewed at a chosen time.
No need to supervise them.
You can polish them to perfection.
Add them to your sales funnel.
Record once, monetize infinitely.

With automated webinars, you can attract your audience with customized promotion options like a registration form or email follow-ups. Let your event stand out by polishing the process to perfection. Add your branding, upload files, or an invitation to another automated event for a better nurturing experience.

Start with the basics

  • Click the Create webinar button
  • Choose the Automated option
  • Name the event and choose the date and hour

Adjust the chat to your needs

  • Click No chat to turn off the chatbox
  • Choose Moderated chat to turn on the moderated chat
  • Select Answer later to answer the questions later on

Start building your automated webinar timeline

  • Upload your event recording
  • Upload a video clip from your storage
  • Upload your survey
  • Create a customized Call-To-Action button

Compose your automated webinar timeline

  • Drag and drop the elements
  • Move the elements the way you like
  • Stretch them – make them longer or shorter

You’re all set, start inviting your audience!

Your automated webinar will start on autopilot!

Are you ready to set it up in a flash and let the platform do the rest for you?

Create your webinar timeline. Let automation do the rest.