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Running webinars and online meetings offers tremendous opportunities. But you need the right platform to explore them. Find out what hosts and attendees of online events think about ClickMeeting. It's the best recommendation.

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See what our users say about ClickMeeting and what they have achieved with webinars, huge & hybrid events. Join the ranks of our satisfied customers and grow your business with us.

„Webinars have proven as an excellent channel for reaching out to new prospects”

Find out why Infobip chose ClickMeeting and how virtual events help them discover new business opportunities.

"Through our digital events, we were able to gain more reach and generate many new contacts and leads"

Find out how August-Wilhelm Scheer Institut leverages the potential of online communication.

"We'll meet in a ClickMeeting virtual classroom!"

A comprehensive solution for universities proven by the best. Learn how ClickMeeting supports the e-Learning Center of the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow.

"All of our webinars' attendees are happy with the platform"

ELSA is another organization that moved its events online during the pandemic and quickly appreciated their potential. Check out what they love about ClickMeeting.

"The platform thinks of everything else"

See how our clients across industries benefit from hosting events. Three inspiring stories that demonstrate the potential of the ClickMeeting platform.

" reach that number of people without webinars, it would take months, multiplying costs and our staffing needs exponentially"

See how Brand24 bonds with clients using webinars.

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„We use ClickMeeting for all kinds of online meetings, from 1:1 sales meetings via intensive and interactive masterclasses around explainer videos with 15-25 participants up to webinars with 150+ participants from 75+ countries.”

Martin Nitsche, Solveta GmbH

„The most important reason I’d recommend ClickMeeting, apart from the obvious benefits of platform reliability/stability, is the fact that these people care! I rarely get to work with a partner who goes far and beyond what was agreed upon and personally cares about your success."

Tom Schenk, IT Director – American Camp Association

„We recommend ClickMeeting! It offers everything that other online meeting platforms do, but its unique value is its customer-centric approach. There is no other place that pays so much attention to the needs and unique circumstances of the business in which the company operates."

Micha Kuliś, content marketer at SMSAPI

„Through our digital events, we were able to gain more reach and generate many new contacts and leads in 2021. We were also able to transfer our panel discussions very well into the digital space with the help of ClickMeeting."

Melanie Abmeier, August-Wilhelm Scheer Institut

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TrustRadius: Top Rated in the Video Conferencing Software category

  • Online Events on ClickMeeting are rated 9.7. That's well above average!
  • Online Events Collaboration earned a great score of 9.8
  • Performance & Compatibility of Online Events Software is rated 9.6 by our users

SourceForge: Customers Love Us!

  • Users rate our platform at 4.9/5
  • The same score was given for ease of use....
  • And the support that all ClickMeeting customers can rely on!

Capterra: Top Meeting Software & Hybrid Event Front Runner

According to user ratings on Capterra, we are perfect for:
  • Lead Generation
  • Recording events
  • Managing surveys
  • G2Crowd: recognized for Best Support and Highest User Adoption

    • 93% of users appreciate our desktop application, and 92% give top marks to the browser version
    • 92% of users note the high quality of the registration pages and chat during the event
    • The event branding features on ClickMeeting are rated at 90%

    5-star webinar & online meeting experience

    Check out the feedback coming straight from ClickMeeting customers. Find out what they think about the platform and our support team, ensuring events go off without a hitch.

    Feedback from webinar attendees

    Obviously, from the host's perspective, the satisfaction of the event participants is crucial. If you want to create engaging live and automated webinars that your guests enjoy, trust ClickMeeting. Here's a sample of the feedback that's landed in the inboxes of event organizers.

    Provide your participants with a great online experience

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    ClickMeeting is as easy as child's play. It only takes a few clicks to start creating your online events. Find answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

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