Q&A mode, simultaneous chat translations, moderated and private chat

Give your audience a way of interacting. Boost engagement, support communication, and stay in control of the chat

Use multiple chat features to conduct interactive online events. Gather multinational audience and give them a chance to interact thanks to simultaneous chat translation. Use moderate chat to control the conversation, make private conversations with other presenters, and improve your Q&A sessions thanks to the Q&A mode.

Moderated and private chat

Moderated chat allows text conversations with the audience without disrupting the flow of the webinar presentation. The private chat allows one-to-one conversations between two presenters, or the presenter and an attendee.

With moderated and private chat, you can:

Manage real-time feedback and reactions;
Avoid chaos by deciding whether to accept, reject, or edit selected comments;
Store your chat history for future reference.

With private chat, you can:

Enable private discussions to ensure confidentiality;
Communicate privately with other presenters or selected attendees;
Give attendees a chance to catch up and get clarification.

Q&A mode

When the Q&A mode is enabled, attendees can mark their questions in the chatbox with the question mark icon. When the time is right, you can choose a question from the list and publish the selected one in the main window to focus your attendee’s attention while you answer them.

With the Q&A mode, you can:

Collect all chat questions asked during the event in one list.
Display selected questions on the main screen during the Q&A session.
Mark and add to list questions from the chat when attendees fail to mark them on their own.

Simultaneous chat translations

Simultaneous chat translation enables instant Google translation of your conversations. Choose from 52 languages. The source language is detected automatically, and both the original and translated chat messages are displayed in real-time.

With simultaneous chat translation, you can:

Expand your reach and make a great impression on your multinational audience, taking your message global.
Avoid awkward gaps in comprehension and increase online event productivity while making sure everyone is on the same page.

Interact with event attendees no matter what language they speak

Make full use of all chat features to bring more interactions with the audience and feel in control over your online event.