Moderated (Q&A) and private chat

Make your webinars Interactive. Boost engagement and understanding.

Give your audience a way to interact, provide feedback, and get clarification, while you stay in control of the webinar.

Moderated (Q&A) and private chat

Moderated chat allows text conversations with the audience without disrupting the flow of the webinar presentation. Private chat allows one-to-one conversations between the presenter and an attendee.

With moderated (Q&A) and private chat you can:

Make your webinars interactive and engaging.

Allow attendees to catch up and get clarification.

Manage real-time feedback and reactions.

Avoid chaos by deciding whether to accept, reject, or edit the comments.

Enable private discussions to ensure confidentiality.

Store your chat history for future reference.

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Moderated (Q&A) and private chat gives your audience a voice while giving you more control over interactions.

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