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Whether you're an independent trainer or manage a university, ClickMeeting has everything you need before, during and after an event to share knowledge online.

All the tools you need for e-learning

Create even more engaging events by reaching for interactive features. Your classes will be more engaging, helping you transfer knowledge effectively.

Join teachers and trainers who share expertise online

E-learning has proven its effectiveness at each educational stage. You only need to find the right tools. Check out what our customers - teaching experts - say about us and join their ranks.

Why is ClickMeeting an ideal e-learning solution?

All the tools you need to teach online. Including presentations, virtual whiteboard or surveys and tests.
Edu mode helps you create the perfect environment for learning and managing your classroom.
All you need is a browser. Create and join events easily.
GDPR compliance. We take care of the data we process.
Direct support from our experts. You can count on us in any situation.
Integration with Moodle platform and other tools will boost your e-learning.

Read what users really think about ClickMeeting

A lecture in ClickMeeting is no different than the one I give at the university. All you have to do is define the parameters of the meeting and invite students. In addition, the platform gives many opportunities to conduct engaging classes.

Piotr Chyła, PhD, lecturer at AGH

ClickMeeting is very user-friendly. Indeed, the advantage is that the tool is being constantly modified and developed.

Anita Dąbrowicz-Tlałka, PhD, Gdańsk Tech Professor

I recommend ClickMeeting because it has all the features I need for an entertaining, interactive webinar experience.

Ernst Grabovszki, Danzig & unfried

Clickmeeting’s customer service is really great. At some of our events, several people took part at very short notice. The personal service of Clickmeeting made it possible for us to host all the participants.

Ellen Rechner, Goalkeeping Development CEO

Every ClickMeeting webinar is fully-customizable, allowing us not only to adjust the specific webinar to our brand but also to facilitate webinars to promote our brand to our partners. Diomidis Afentoulis, ELSA Association

Diomidis Afentoulis, ELSA Association

Discover your ClickMeeting virtual classroom

Inside you will find all the tools you need to organize engaging activities. No worries, you'll master them effortlessly, and so will your students. All you need is an up-to-date version of your browser. Or a smartphone, if you wish.

Ready to provide your students with the ultimate e-learning experience?

Simply choose the plan that suits you best. If you are looking for customized solutions, contact our advisors. They will be happy to prepare a personalized offer.

Edu mode for a comfortable learning environment

Have your students ever been embarrassed to share their image? Or has chaos taken control over your classes? Solve these problems with a special edu mode!

More efficient collaboration with breakout rooms

Divide your event into smaller breakout rooms where up to 40 people can collaborate using interactive features. Easily combine the theoretical part with engaging group exercises!

Integration with Moodle LMS & Open API

Managing remote learning at your school will be even easier with LMS systems. You can easily connect ClickMeeting with Moodle using a plugin. An open API is also provided so you can create customized solutions.

Monetize your knowledge easily

Host paid webinars to profit from your expertise. Integration with payment systems will help you sell access to your content simply and conveniently.

Your school, your brand

An intuitive wizard will help you customize the design of your event room and all the content to be consistent with your brand. Take care of your professional online image and provide your audience with a memorable experience.

Virtual whiteboard

Grab unlimited space to collaborate and share knowledge.
A virtual whiteboard helps you deliver engaging presentations, work in groups, solve tasks or brainstorm. Fill unlimited space creatively: build mind maps, use sticky notes, visualize your ideas, and solve problems!

Keep your students safe with GDPR complaint platform

GDPR compliance certificate
Security of your event room
EU-based company
Support & Help Center in your language
Servers in EU
Secure payment methods

Enterprise solutions

If you're looking for a customized solution designed for your school or training center, our business development team will help you! You will benefit from a perfectly tailored package and reach for additional options such as huge events, live streaming or white label.

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What do you need to know to start teaching with ClickMeeting?

Sharing knowledge online with ClickMeeting is easy! Below you'll find answers to the most frequently asked questions that will help you move your classes online in no time.

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