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Are you an expert eager to share knowledge with others? It's a ready-made recipe for making money. But you need one more thing: the right webinar platform. Such as ClickMeeting.

What do you get with ClickMeeting paid webinars?

Quick setup: create a paid event in minutes.
Easy access: a few clicks are all it takes to attend an event.
Any form: create a webinar, conference, training series or online course.
Secure and fast payment: your attendees will pay quickly with Stripe or PayPal.
Automation support: make more profit with automated and on-demand webinars.
Certificate of attendance: automate the delivery of certificates after the event.

In this video, we show you how to schedule a paid webinar in less than 3 minutes!

Make money with Stripe!

Integrate your ClickMeeting account with the most popular payment system Stripe. Now it's even easier to sell event tickets! Here's what you and your users get:

  • Secure and fast payments worldwide in over 135 currencies,
  • Support for various payment methods, including gift cards and virtual wallets,
  • Easy payment management and flexible billing models.
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Your paid webinar in 5 steps

Create an account and choose any paid ClickMeeting plan
Create a Stripe or PayPal account
Integrate ClickMeeting with your payment system
Create a paid access event and indicate the value of the ticket
Done! Promote your webinar and host it!

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Conference for coaching experts: creating partnerships (live event)

Conference for coaching experts: creating partnerships (on demand)

Series of 31 live and on-demand accounting training courses

Series of six trainings on mantrailing - nose working with dogs

Webinar to improve the therapists' skills

Training for therapists on the treatment of eating disorders

Medical training on ultrasound examinations

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