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Make money with Stripe!

Integrate your ClickMeeting account with the most popular payment system Stripe. Now it's even easier to sell event tickets! Here's what you and your users get:

  • Secure and fast payments worldwide in over 135 currencies,
  • Support for various payment methods, including gift cards and virtual wallets,
  • Easy payment management and flexible billing models.
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Integration with PayPal

  • Integrate your account with payment system to host paid events
  • Collect fees from your participants in a convenient and secure way
  • Easily manage your payments and monitor the income


  • Integrate ClickMeeting with more than 5,000 tools through the Zapier platform
  • Easily link your ClickMeeting account to Zapier
  • Create custom Zaps to automate your workflow


  • Organize contacts and build personalized contact lists
  • Automatically export webinar and user data
  • Streamline communications and automate processes


  • Manage your sales funnel with automated data transfer
  • Export webinar and attendee data automatically
  • Transfer the results of your surveys and tests to Pipedrive


  • Manage your courses comprehensively within a single platform
  • Easily host online events through your own e-learning platform
  • Integrate ClickMeetign with Moodle with a dedicated plugin


  • Generate leads even easier by combining ClickMeeting with GetResponse
  • Automatically upload your webinar and attendees data
  • Manage your contacts and email marketing easily


  • Automatically export your webinar and attendee data to HubSpot
  • Build, grow, and manage your contact lists
  • Leverage the full potential of marketing automation

Google Analytics

  • Analyze your audience behavior, processes, and sales
  • Tracking code will be placed on all ClickMeeting pages visited by your audience
  • Data will be automatically gathered in your Google Analytics dashboard

Meta Pixel (formerly Facebook Pixel)

  • Create more effective ads on Facebook and Instagram
  • Get to know your participants and automate processes
  • Get information about your viewers' behavior on ClickMeeting pages


  • Post webinar recordings to your YouTube channel
  • Enhance your events with YouTube videos


  • Integrate ClickMeeting with Dropbox and easily manage your files
  • Automatically upload your recordings to your Dropbox drive
  • Import files from Dropbox directly into ClickMeeting

Google Calendar

  • Let your attendees automatically save event information to Google Calendar
  • Make sure your audience won't forget about the webinar


  • Let your attendees automatically save the event information in iCal
  • Synchronize your calendars in just one click


  • Create events easily without leaving your MS Outlook email
  • Event information will be automatically saved in attendees' calendars
  • Prepare personalized invitations and send them with one click


  • Create spontaneous and scheduled events without leaving Slack
  • The event will be automatically added to your ClickMeeting account
  • Invite your colleagues effortlessly


  • Place the webinar room directly on your website
  • Reach a larger audience and let them participate in events without leaving your site

TikTok Pixel

  • Get more information about your users and target them with remarketing ads on TikTok

LinkedIn Insight Tag

  • Get more information about your users and target them with remarketing ads on LinkedIn

Cookie Script

  • Manage cookies on your ClickMeeting pages

Read what users really think about ClickMeeting

A lecture in ClickMeeting is no different than the one I give at the university. All you have to do is define the parameters of the meeting and invite students. In addition, the platform gives many opportunities to conduct engaging classes.

Piotr Chyła, PhD, lecturer at AGH

ClickMeeting is very user-friendly. Indeed, the advantage is that the tool is being constantly modified and developed.

Anita Dąbrowicz-Tlałka, PhD, Gdańsk Tech Professor

I recommend ClickMeeting because it has all the features I need for an entertaining, interactive webinar experience.

Ernst Grabovszki, Danzig & unfried

Clickmeeting’s customer service is really great. At some of our events, several people took part at very short notice. The personal service of Clickmeeting made it possible for us to host all the participants.

Ellen Rechner, Goalkeeping Development CEO

Every ClickMeeting webinar is fully-customizable, allowing us not only to adjust the specific webinar to our brand but also to facilitate webinars to promote our brand to our partners. Diomidis Afentoulis, ELSA Association

Diomidis Afentoulis, ELSA Association