European webinar platform

Europe is not just a place. Europe is a commitment. 

Security, privacy, stability, innovation. These are the values that guide us in the development of our ClickMeeting webinar and online event platform. The combination of these factors fits into our understanding of European standards. Together, we create a better world every day, supporting development, education, and business.

Why should you choose ClickMeeting?

Care for GDPR & Privacy
EU-based servers
Security of your event room
Thousands of satisfied customers
Support & Knowlegde base in your language
Invoice in Euro
Simple but powerful
Easy access for your attendees

Go for a European webinar platform

Through our platform, millions of people educate others, grow their business, share experiences, and gain knowledge — no matter where they are. Join the ranks of thousands of satisfied customers and find out how ClickMeeting can help you.

Take care of your cyber security

Data security is one of the most important challenges today. At ClickMeeting, we make sure to implement more and more advanced procedures. The data you share with us, both yours and the participants of your online events, are professionally taken care of. You also get access to powerful security features for your webinars and meetings.

Setting global standards with GDPR

As a European entity, we are committed to acting in accordance with GDPR. However, that's not all. From our point of view, GDPR is a global standard to guarantee the security of personal data. The desire to continuously improve our procedures in this area accompanies us constantly as we develop our platform for webinars and online meetings.

Your data never leaves the European Union

An important part of our security policy is the implementation of an advanced data processing and storage strategy. Therefore, we only choose data centers that meet the most stringent regulations. All of them are located in the European Union, so you can rest easy.

Direct expert support

You can count on the support of our Customer Success Team whenever you need it. What's more, extensive content is available in our Knowledge Base and blog, so you can get the most out of ClickMeeting. We speak your language and are eager to help!

What do you get with ClickMeeting?

Choose between live events, automated, and on-demand webinars.
Share access with others, including paid webinars option.
Promote and distribute your events.
Get access to the statistics panel to boost your business.
With Enterprise Solutions you can host online events for up to 10,000 people and customize our platform.

Enterprise solutions

If you're looking for a scalable, custom solution for your business, our business development team can help. Our experts will happily walk you through the specific features our platform has to offer, and then, if you have other questions, our customer success team can answer them.

Drop us a message in your local language: we'll help resolve any doubts and show you what you can achieve with ClickMeeting. 

Go for a European webinar platform

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