Deliver knowledge, engage with students, measure their progress.


Create a virtual class - bring students and teachers together.

Schedule your lecture, import student email addresses into your address book and send out custom-branded invitations. Use the multi-user feature to allow colleagues to schedule and run their lectures. Enable the waiting room with an agenda to keep your students engaged and let them know what to expect. Provide files they can download before the lecture starts.

We’ve used several different platforms to deliver online training and webinars until we tried ClickMeeting. It’s an easy, problem free, and yet powerful solution to host online meetings. I really like the branding possibility and new test/evaluation feature. Support is responsive and effective.

Michael Karski, ACTION Education Center.

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Deliver knowledge interactively.

Make difficult topics easy to understand. Share your documents, presentations and screen for a focused discussion. Illustrate your topic on a whiteboard or demonstrate how software works by taking control of a student’s computer. Run collaborative exercises and tasks for your students. Engage with them using moderated chat and Q&A sessions. Run scored tests and gather feedback in real-time.


Follow up and share learning resources.

Follow up with your students after the lecture. Redirect them to your thank-you page with hand-outs, additional resources, and homework files. Share the lecture recording as a refresher or send it to those who missed it. Also, analyze test results and event statistics to improve your future webinars.

We’ll show you how to make the most of ClickMeeting.

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Deliver knowledge, engage with students, measure their progress.

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