Comfortable online teaching environment with Edu Mode

During online teaching, it is not always easy to control the clutter and create an ideal learning environment. Our feature makes knowledge transfer simple and comfortable for all involved: both the tutor and the students.

How does it work?

In Edu Mode you are able to see all your students, therefore you can maintain eye contact and monitor their work. During this time attendees can only see their tutors, so privacy is protected and distractions are avoided. They also have access to a view of their webcam, making it easy for them to control the situation.

The presenter can ask a participant or a group of participants to respond. The rest of the group will be able to listen to them, but still the view can be seen only by the presenters.

Avoid stressful situations and chaos

Edu Mode provides a sense of privacy and security for your students. In this way, they can overcome, for example, the embarrassment of having to share images with their peers.

This makes organising engaging and structured activities with innovative education software even easier. It is up to you how the classes proceed, and your students can focus on their tasks.

Edu Mode is your natural ally if

You conduct online classes and want to maintain eye contact with your students
You have faced situations in which the chaos made it difficult to carry out classes
Some of your learners were reluctant to turn on the camera
You want to provide your students with a friendly environment to work and learn

Easy activation of Edu Mode and switching between modes

  • Edu Mode can be switched on conveniently right in the event room
  • You can easily switch between Edu Mode and standard view without leaving your current session
  • All users will be notified which mode they are currently in

Why is ClickMeeting the ideal education software for online classes?

Edu Mode allows your students to focus on learning activities
Take advantage of the various solutions ClickMeeting offers teachers, lecturers and trainers
This way you can also run exams or tests without using additional verification software
Record your classes to give participants the opportunity to use prepared materials at a later time.
You can see the learners at all times. No more presentations without eye contact with your students
Using ClickMeeting is simple. Our education software makes it easy to join directly in a browser window and is intuitive to use.

Want to learn more?

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