Custom branding

Let your audience recognize your brand in seconds

Use the custom-branding feature to give your webinars and online events a professional look. Create custom-branded event pages and a stunning Call-To-Action button to attract your audience’s attention and achieve your goal.

Design your own look with a few clicks

How do you make your webinar and online event pages look stunning and recognizable? It’s easy! Take a look how:

Make sure your audience recognizes you at first glance. Display your logo and brand colors.

Show your attendees who you are and what you do. Match a background image with your offer and event topic. Choose a professional photo from Unsplash for free.

Save appearance settings and invite guests to your webinar, meeting, or other virtual events. Impress your audience from the start with a well-designed registration page.

Create a registration page that attracts attendees

Adjust your registration page to your needs and customize it by adding fields: text area, single-choice dropdown, multi-checkbox, YouTube video, event agenda, social media links, and more!

Thanks to a custom registration page, you can:

Introduce the event presenter by adding their photo and bio;
Promote your brand by adding logo and brand colors;
Learn more about attendees by using the question forms;
Automatically redirect registrants to your custom web page to create a beautiful, branded experience for better conversion.

Use your profile page to create a great impression on your audience

Create an outstanding profile page with your logo and brand colors. Include information about upcoming webinars and online events or files for download.

Explore profile page benefits:

Customize the layout with intuitive branding tools.
Provide extra info and files for download.
Increase interest in your business by promoting your upcoming events.
Brand your profile page by adding your logo and signature colors.
Make your profile page more shareable by adding social media sharing buttons.

Encourage an action. Make instant sales.

Create a customized Call-To-Action button to motivate your attendees to make the final click. Display your offer at the perfect time during your event to make instant sales.

With Call-To-Action, you can:

Increase your sales and the overall productivity of your online events.
Redirect your webinar and online event attendees to a custom website.
Create a custom message and add an image that encourages action.
Promote brand by adding your or your partner’s logo to the CTA button.

Promote your webinars and online events on a profile page. Design custom-branded event pages to improve brand image. Call your audience to action and make instant sales.