Custom branding

Show customers who you are

Customize your webinar pages to match your brand and business niche.
Design your own look with a few clicks in Appearance settings.


How to convert webinar attendees into customers?

You have invested time, effort, and money in your campaign. Now, how do you make it visible? Start by building trust in your brand. Customize your webinar appearance so that your target audience will recognize you in seconds.


Design your own look with a few clicks

How do you make your webinar pages look stunning and professional? It’s easy! In just a few clicks you can create a custom design for your registration page, profile, waiting room, webinar room, and thank-you page. Here’s how:

Make sure your audience recognizes you at first glance. Display your logo and brand colors.

Show them who you are and what you do. Match a background image with your offer and webinar topic. Choose a professional photo from Unsplash for free.

Save appearance settings and invite guests to your webinar. Impress your audience from the start with a well-designed registration page, but don’t stop there. Design your profile page, waiting room, webinar room and thank-you page to match your brand identity.

Create a customized Call to Action button to motivate your attendees to make the final click. Redirect them to your landing page with a sign-up form.

Ready to put it all into action?

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