Achieve more with account add-ons

Don’t hold yourself back. Extend your account with add-ons. Chose whatever you need – add more presenters for your online event, increase the number of simultaneous events allowed, get more storage and recording space, and more.


If your webinar is a panel discussion and requires more presenters you can easily buy more seats. This allows you to run more interactive, engaging online events and plan higher-level webinar scenarios.

Parallel events

Busy with online events? No worries! If you need to host webinars that overlap, we’ve got you. You can purchase parallel sessions that allow you to run your online events simultaneously.

Live Streaming

With the Live Streaming add-on, you can broadcast your online events in higher quality and use multiple cameras simultaneously. This is a great way to host such events as large conferences and technically advanced shows. Learn more about this feature in our Help Center. To order Live Streaming, please contact us:

Individual customer support

You can always count on our help. In addition to the standard forms of contact such as chat or email, there are also advanced options available. These include technical support during live events, care of a dedicated account manager and training sessions. To find out more, please contact us:

Recording space

If you’re busy hosting many online events and still want to save all of them for later, increase your recording storage space. This way, nothing ever gets lost and you can re-use your recordings for future occasions like on-demand webinars.

Storage space

Get more space for your files like presentations, pictures, or PDFs with additional storage space. Save what you need for your live event for later and access it directly from the ClickMeeting dashboard.


If your organization is growing, and you’d like your colleagues, external consultants, or trainers to host and run their own webinars and online events, purchase subaccounts.

Microsoft Outlook Plugin

Create meetings directly in Microsoft Outlook with the plugin, then send invitations to your attendees and update data in the calendars. This way you can also secure your events with a password or token and add a message in the lobby. Organizing meetings with your team or clients, among others, will be significantly easier.

Chose the add-ons you need to make your account more flexible and adjusted to your needs. Achieve more with ClickMeeting add-ons.