Achieve more with account add-ons

Please don't feel constrained whenever you need more than your plan allows. Just extend your account with add-ons. Add more presenters for your event, increase the number of attendees allowed, get more storage and recording space, and more.


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Extra Attendees

If you attract more attendees to your webinar than your plan allows, simply buy extra seats.

Extra Presenters

If your webinar is a panel discussion and requires more than 2 presenters, easily buy up to 4 additional presenter seats.

Video Streams

If you host a meeting for a small group and need more than 4 video streams, buy up to 3 extras.

Parallel Sessions

If you need to host 2 separate webinars that overlap, don’t worry. You can buy parallel sessions that allow you to run 2 events simultaneously.

Bigger Recording Storage

If you host many webinars and want to keep your recordings handy, consider increasing your recording storage space.

Recording Archive

If you don’t need constant access to your recordings, store them in the cloud and retrieve them quickly at any time.

Bigger File Storage

If you use big files in your webinar presentations and need them handy, it’s a good idea to increase your file storage space.

Multiuser Management

If you’d like to give coworkers access to your account and want to avoid confusion with the login credentials, go for multiuser management.


If your organization is growing, and you’d like for colleagues, external consultants, or trainers to host and run their own webinars, buy subaccounts.

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Achieve more with account add-ons.

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