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Create whiteboards, save them and share at future events

Fill unlimited space creatively: create mind maps, use note cards, visualize your ideas, collaborate and solve problems! Move whiteboards between webinars and meetings with the whiteboard library and host even more engaging events.

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Save the created whiteboards in the whiteboard library and resume editing them later. You can use them with attendees at various webinars and meetings, duplicate, export and share with your audience.

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Explore all the features of the whiteboard

The virtual whiteboard is an unlimited space for knowledge sharing and collaboration. You can use pencil and marker, text boxes, note cards, shapes and lines, or you can just upload your own image files.

With the whiteboard, you can:

Educate and activate event attendees
Engage your coworkers and trainees in creating an unlimited interactive space
Solve tasks so that everyone can follow the entire process
Use tools: text fields, shapes, drawing tools, notes, eraser, and your own graphics
Download a whiteboard file and share it with others

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