Enable a registration form and learn more about your audience

Require attendees to register for your online event and get an insight into your audience. With a registration form, you can build your database for future online events and webinars or contact your audience in connection with your product or service. Start creating relationships you can build upon.

Our registration form allows you to customize it and adjust to your brand specifics. Get a professional look with these options:

Customize your registration page with custom fields: text area, single-choice dropdown, multi-checkbox, hyperlink, and more.
Add your logo, Unsplash background picture, and signature colors.
Increase the registration rate by promoting the presenter’s bios.

Explore other online event registration benefits:

  • Learn about attendee demographics, opinions, needs, and wants. Set up form fields as you wish.
  • Automatically redirect registrants to your custom web page.
  • Approve, deny, or cancel the registration to make sure only authorized people attend.

ClickMeeting registration page is everything a professional online event needs.

Widely customizable and easy to set up. Use it to promote your online event and webinar and collect more leads.