On-demand webinars

Use On-Demand Webinars & Generate Leads

On-demand webinars unlock a fast & easy way to build your lead base. This webinar feature also holds a great value in enhancing your expert status.

On-demand webinars

On-demand webinars strike as a powerful tool to follow-up your attendees. In just a few steps you can now arm them with the access to your webinar, anywhere and anytime they want.

This is how it works:


1.You schedule, create and run a live webinar


2.You record it during the event


3.You go back to the Account Panel and publish your recording


4.You send it to your attendees - those who joined your live webinars & those who didn’t


5.You share it with follow-up e-mails, social media & any other channels


6.Now your attendees have access to your webinar on-demand

What Can You Do with On-Demand Webinars?

Record content and let the world watch it anytime & anywhere

Use pre-recorded webinars before you start live events

Group your attendees by the topics of webinars

Send follow up emails with link to webinar recordings

Collect more leads and expand your reach

Share your pre-recorded webinars


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In this article, we will guide you through the on-demand webinar process, step by step. You will learn in detail how to prepare, start, and deploy this powerful feature. Last but not least, you will discover how to use it to grow your lead base. Ready for more benefit insights?

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