Boost your event attendance with customized invitations and keep all your contacts organized with the address book

Make an impression on your attendees and create customized invitations. It will make you look more professional, especially during paid online events, and help increase conversion.

With customized invitations, you can:

Select an email template and customize the color scheme to keep the branding consistent.
Provide all the necessary details, the objective, and an agenda of your webinar, meeting, or other online events to encourage attendees to attend.
Include additional info and a registration button to create a sense of exclusivity.

Make it easy for invitees to see the value of your webinar and confirm their attendance. Create effective invitations that bring more people to your online event.

Manage your contacts and invite the right people to your webinars and online meetings.

With the address book, you can:

Add or import new contacts to create a directory of potential clients.
Edit or remove contacts to keep your address book clean and updated.
Search for specific contacts to see the details of their participation in your events.
Organize your contacts into targeted groups to make the invitation process easier and more effective.
Invite contacts to your webinars and online events, send follow-up emails, and target prospective customers.

A properly targeted audience is the key to webinar success. Use the address book to manage your contacts and keep them organized.

Start planning your success with a well-organized address book and create customized invitations to encourage more attendees to join the event.