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6108 sales leads on a single webinar in 2022

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„We would recommend ClickMeeting webinar platform to any ambitious company out there that wishes to maximize its creative potential. ClickMeeting is helpful in boosting the effectiveness and eliminating problems with communication.”

Christian Mendieta
G2A, Head of G2A Marketplace Support

„Compared to other webinar software platforms, within ClickMeeting you just have to set up a few options. You decide if you want to do a paid or not paid event – the platform thinks about all the rest. You can focus on what you really want to do.”

Arturo Tedeschi
Architect, designer, creative director at A > T

„During a webinar, I can make sure our clients are notified about the newest functions within our platform. I can instruct them on how to use it, how to solve their problems with it, and how to optimize their work.”

Karolina Matyska
SEO analytics SaaS platform, Senuto

„ClickMeeting is a great tool to organize periodic events and talk to a large audience for a reduced cost. The ClickMeeting platform is one of the easiest-to-use webinar interfaces on the market, with many flexible customization options.”

Nicolas Chollet
Clustaar, CEO

„With webinars on ClickMeeting we deliver our knowledge faster and more effectively, we reduce costs like never before, and we save precious time for our trainers and our employees. It’s a win-win solution for everyone in Nest Bank.”

Kamila Szymańska
Nest Bank, Manager of The Sales Effectiveness Department

"Hosting online events with ClickMeeting is easy! The webinar platform provides us with all the necessary tools to engage with our audience and reach more and more attendees. Additionally, the knowledge base and recordings of our webinars are at our disposal, making it even easier to succeed."

Anna Smith
TalentEase Solutions, Head of Marketing

Test your webinar platform

Still wondering whether to reach for webinar software? A trial period of a webinar platform will help you dispel your doubts. During it, you will not only host an online meeting or live webinar, but also check how automated and on-demand webinars work. All the most important functions and tools offered by ClickMeeting are here for you!

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Today, the webinar platform is an important tool used by experts in various fields. Amongst others, teachers and trainers, marketers, but also health professionals, HR specialists or personal trainers are building a webinar community. Whatever your specific field, you can share your knowledge and earn money in the process. And personalised webinars allow you to simultaneously maintain contact with your audience and build an expert image.

Do you need a perfect fit?

We can prepare a tool perfectly tailored to your business needs. You can create huge events for up to 10,000 attendees, broadcast in high quality thanks to live-streaming or take advantage of full personalization, including white-labeling to resell under your brand. Just let us know what you expect!

What distinguishes an advanced webinar platform?

First and foremost, webinar software allows you to run webinars, that is, online seminars. The best webinar platforms, such as ClickMeeting, of course offer far more than just broadcasting audio and video in real time (high quality webinars guaranteed!).

Modern webinar software allows you to, among other things:
Create live, automated and on-demand webinars: real-time presence is not required at all! Webinar software lets your audience view the content at the scheduled time or whenever they want. Recording webinars is a way to get great content.
Create other event formats: you can host a variety of virtual events - from business video conferences to marketing webinar to large online events, which can be additionally powered by live streaming.
Make your work easier: by choosing our platform, you save time and scale up your efforts. You can automate the events themselves, but also automate marketing and communications.
Direct monetization: on ClickMeeting you can create paid webinars. Integration with secure payment systems makes selling virtual tickets simple.
Innovative webinar features: we give you a full spectrum of tools to create expert webinars. Whether you're in knowledge transfer, marketing or sales.

Why ClickMeeting?

Hosting webinars is at your fingertips! When you choose our webinar platform, you get a set of tools that allow you to join the ranks of experts who build strong personal brands through online events.