Event type

Manage webinar interactions to make your webinars seamless and productive.

When running a webinar, it's always good to have flexibility and control over your attendees and presenters. Decide who is allowed to ask questions or when to start a discussion.

Event type


In this mode, only presenters can speak. Your audience can listen to the presentation but can't ask questions.


This mode enables a moderated question and answer session (Q&A). Attendees can file question requests, and the presenter can give or take back voice. Only one attendee at a time can speak.


Attendees can speak to one another. Everyone can contribute to the conversation, so it works like a typical online meeting. This type of event is available only if the number of attendees does not exceed 40.


Use this mode if there is more than one presenter in your webinar. Private mode allows presenters to speak to each other without being heard by the attendees.

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