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We could tell you all the great things our customers achieve with ClickMeeting, but we’d rather let them speak for themselves.

We use ClickMeeting as a part of our ongoing education projects – we create and run e-learning courses for teachers around Poland. Our ClickMeeting trainings were attended by over 700 people and we’re expecting hundreds more this year. ClickMeeting is a perfect tool for effective online courses. To be honest, today I can’t imagine my e-learning activity without this platform.

Waldemar Krawiec, ORE

All of the customers we’ve contacted via ClickMeeting were very satisfied with this form of a virtual meeting. The unquestionable advantage of this type of contact is its low cost for attending thanks to eliminating the costs of commuting, delegation, etc. Another advantage is the recording feature, which is very useful after a meeting. We’ll surely continue to develop our online trainings, seeing it as an opportunity to reach out to those we would not be able to meet face-to-face.

Krzysztof Baran, Wydawnictwo Lektor Klett

ClickMeeting conference rooms are, with no doubt, a world class leader when it comes to quality and if you look at the price – unbeatable. The lack of technical issues, user friendly interface and ease of use make it perfect for a host and room administrator. ClickMeeting offers multiple features, including automatic recordings for future use. I strongly recommend it to every person or company who needs a trusted and secure platform for online conferences.

Marcin Tuszkiewicz, Investio

We’ve used several different platforms to deliver online training and webinars until we tried ClickMeeting. It’s an easy, problem free, and yet powerful solution to host online meetings. I really like the branding possibility and new test/evaluation feature. Support is responsive and effective.

Michael Karski, ACTION Education Center.

Thanks to ClickMeeting, recruiters can organise and manage conversations with candidates who have no option of being in company headquarter’s for an interview due to distance or where they live or for people who are less available. It’s a very practical solution for the first phase of recruitment.

Marcin Sieńczyk, eRecruiter

ClickMeeting has an organized layout that is user friendly to both the host and the attendees. There is a designated area for the webcam, participant list, chat box, and presentations. I really like that you can upload a PowerPoint directly to the presentation board. I also use the poll questions and interactive white board.

Briana Taylor, Copilot Touchscreen Systems

ClickMeeting is one of the best webinar software. An excellent tool that provides a 360 degree approach to engage, invite, remind and thank participants. We are more than happy with the set up and hope that others try the application, too!

Shweta Gopika Chopra, Paras Hospitals

In many cases, a webinar can replace an ordinary face-to face meeting. When communicating through webinars, we are certain that our affiliates understand what kind of product they sell and implement. They also know how it is to be serviced. Moreover, we are sure that all our affiliates are up-to-date with the current version of the system. They understand its strengths and are ready to present them to clients.

Jarosław Łuczkiewicz, Training & Sales

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